AIRTEK® - Growth engine for thriving crops

Nitrogen lost in the atmosphere through volatilization is an economic problem (less N available for crops, which affects yield) but also an environmental problem.

The optimal solution is to coat Urea with urease inhibitors that reduce nitrogen losses through volatilization of ammonia.

BELOR, in partnership with BASF, develops the new AIRTEK® fertilizer range that uses the Limus® urease inhibitor.

The AIRTEK® fertilizers coated with Limus® inhibitor from BASF, are reducing the volatilization of Ammonia from Urea by 95%, offer better application flexibility, protect against nitrogen losses and extend the availability of nitrogen for an additional period of up to 15-20 days, regardless of weather conditions.

The efficiency of the AIRTEK® product range has been proven during the tests at BASF Romania's Technical Competence Center with following results:

- for Corn the production increase in favor of AIRTEK® with Limus® was +700 kg / ha, 7.5% more than the conventional Urea without Limus®.

- for Sunflower the production increase in favor of AIRTEK® with Limus was +259 kg / ha, 11.5% more than conventional Urea without Limus®.